Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bird Brains

Chickens and geese have more brains that we have given them credit for and more than some members of Congress who care little for the less fortunate.  This from Nicholas Kristof--
"The nobility of geese was most on display at execution time.  My job as an 11-year-old when we beheaded the geese was to capture a bird and take it to the chopping block as my dad wielded the ax. So I would rush at the terrified flock and randomly grab an unlucky goose.  The bird in my arms would honk in terror and try to escape, and the other geese would cower in the corner of the barn.
       Then one goose would emerge from the flock and walk tremulously toward me, terrified but unwilling to abandon its mate.  It would waddle after me toward the chopping block, trying to honk comfort to its mate."  NYT Oct. 20, 2013

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Drug Prices

My sense of moral outrage is being sorely tested.  While Congress is obsessed with the size of the Federal budget, the drug companies are stealing us blind.  Drug company lobbyists spend more than the defense industry. And what do they get for their money? Plenty!  Lawmakers have forbidden Medicare from negotiating drug prices.  The ”US Patient Centered  Outcomes Research Institute is not allowed to consider cost-effectiveness comparisons in its recommendations.” NYT October 13, 2013.  Importing drugs from other countries is prohibited even though they are much, much cheaper.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Democracy Shutdown

So you think you live in a democracy of majority rule.  Wrong!  You are ruled by a radical minority of ideologues who not interested in consequences.  The NYT and NPR estimate that if the Senate bill were brought to the floor of the House, it would pass with a combination of Republican and Democratic votes.  But the leadership fears for their jobs and will not bring it to a vote.