Thursday, October 1, 2009


Our top General in Afghanistan says unless we send more troops, we are in danger of losing the war. We lost the war in Afghanistan the day we sent the first troops. Only vain glory could lead us to think we could do what the Russians had failed to do. When will we learn that the outcome of a guerrilla war with a nationalistic bent can't be determined by outside intervention. The French could not do it in Viet Nam and neither could we. We have not controlled anything but the capital city for some time. We create more determined enemies by these efforts than friends. We are seen as the terrorists.


Philip said...

I agree with this argument by the TE. Even though polls suggest the American public is skeptical of doing so, President O will be pressured by the military-industrial complex, right-wing critics, his lack of military credentials, and his campaign rhetoric ("The 'real war' is in Afghanistan") to increase US military resources going into Afghanistan. The cause seems nearly hopeless, but I am letting my Congressional reps know what I believe to be the truth about the futility and tragedy of that course of action.

Allan Schmid said...

Well said Philip,
Unfortunately the people with experience are the cold war warriors. They have learned little from experience.