Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Electric Power Grid & Wind

"Adding wind gets progressively more difficult as the amount used rises because of wind’s intermittent nature and the need for back-up power generation, according to the study, which was prepared for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Without a better (electric) grid, the system would often waste large amounts of wind power because at many times during the year, the power grid would not be able to handle the traffic." New York Times, 20 january 2010
The country needs a modern electric power grid. The present one was built largely a piece at a time by different companies. It reminds me of the telegraph in its early days. Lots of pieces that connect two points here and there, but no cross country lines and connections, We could use some national planning and both private and public investment within it. Now, with high unemployment would be a good time for major investment in our infrastructure.
The country could also use a national system of high-speed trains, we are pathetic compared to other western countries.

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