Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tea Party

Open letter to my Pennsylvania Tea Party enthusiast friend--

I hope your research turned up lots of political candidates that gave you confidence that government spending can be substantially reduced. Did they promise to do it by reducing social security benefits, medicare, and military spending? That’s where the really big money is.
Did you find state and local government office seekers who will reduce spending on public schools, police and fire, and roads? That’s where the really big money is.
Ten townships in the rural area around Lansing turned down increased property taxes to keep police patrols at the levels they were before tax revenues dropped as a result of falling home values. If they think service is not bad now, wait until next budget year when the Federal stimulus money to the states (who share it with local governments) runs out. Were you one of the voters who reported in exit polls that the stimulus did not do any good? Come next year, we shall find out for sure.


Tracy said...

Now you have committed yourself...you should report back on whether the townships vote to let police enforcement drop when the stimulus money is finished, or to increase taxes just enough to compensate. It will be interesting to hear the outcome.

Have you read Steve Esquith's book on the duties of bystanders yet? Much of it might be good commentary on the political issues you are bringing up. I am currently applying it to my preliminary positions in my ethics and development piece.

Allan Schmid said...

Yes, Steve makes a very good point.