Thursday, December 30, 2010

Foreclosure of mortgaged homes

Randall Wray questions the banks who are foreclosing on defaulted properties because of illegal record keeing a failure to file with local clerks:
"In plain simple language, the banks are royally screwed. They cannot foreclose on the properties. Holders of the "mortgage-backed" securities can turn them back to the banks because they are actually unsecured debt. In previous pieces I have also explained why MERS's recommended practice also violates US tax code -- so back taxes are owed. And we know that the mortgages stuffed into the securities did not meet the "reps" of the PSAs.

So, in short, banks have got to take the whole lot of toxic waste securities back. Trillions of dollars worth. The banks are toast. There is no cooking of the books that will turn this blackened toast back to bread."
see Huffington Post Dec. 30,2010

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