Saturday, February 8, 2014

War on the Low income worker

Robert Reich makes the following points about the ruling class in Congress:
1. They refuse to extend unemployment benefits.
2. They don't want to raise the paltry minimum wage.
3. They are against extending medicare benefits to millions (Congress of course has its own medical benefits.)
4. They cut food stamps in the latest farm bill.
5. They refuse to invest in education and job training.
6. They do not want to rebuild America's crumbling infrastructure, or any other job creating program.
7. They are out to bust what unions remain.
Why do they do this? 
Big employers like a docile workforce who are thankful for whatever they get.

     I say that this low wage policy is backfiring.  Poorly paid and unemployed can't buy the products of these corporations.  Weak consumer spending is hampering our recovery.
Besides, this war on the poor and working class is greedy and immoral.

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