Friday, September 3, 2010

Buying Political office

Former Illinois Governor, Blagovich stood trial for selling a US Senate seat. Buying and selling of political office is commonplace. Senator McCain spent $20 million in the recent primary! That's around $75 per voter.
In Michigan, the Republican candidate for governor spent $7.6 million in the primary! This absurdity is buying office plain and simple. And it all masquerades as freedom of speech according to the Supreme Court!
Big campaign contributors get something for their money. The Securities and Exchange Commission sued Goldman Sachs for $! billion and then settled for 550 million in a case of claiming that Goldman mislead investors in a subprine mortgage product. I wonder why?
And now even some Democratic and most Republicans in Congress say we must continue the Bush tax cuts for the rich so as not to spook the recovery. Why do people keep electing representatives who do not legislate in the interest of most ordinary citizens? Answer: by bombarding the public with lies and diverting their attention with reference to gays and abortion.

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