Monday, September 27, 2010

Pledge to America

The "know-nothing" Pledge to America is a farce and made up of a thin veneer of sound bites, no doubt tested for an emotional surge, but no thought.
1. Slash taxes. This from the people that rail against deficits. The imagined spending cuts are not described.
2. Cut down on government regulation. Remember that every so-called regulation, while a cost for some, is a benefit for others. Do these people really want more oil well and pipeline leaks, untested eggs full of salmonella, unregulated pollution, credit card rip-offs, etc.?
3. Repeal Obama's health care law. This is simple mean-spiritedness by those who do not want to share with the less fortunate.
4. End stimulus program. The stimulus is the only thing that has kept the recession from growing larger. Government spending needs to be expanded, not ended. The net amount of the stimulus was very small considering cutbacks in state and local spending as property and income tax receipts continue to fall.

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