Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Flood Damage Relief

After natural disasters like Nemo (Sandy), compassion for the unfortunate brings out piles of Federal dollars."Americans spend too much energy and capital on emergency relief and recovery after disasters have already struck, and not nearly enough on anticipating and mitigating trouble" as does the Dutch who have a multi-year plan to put flood-prone areas into public space. (NYT Feb 17)  The Dutch project is called Room for the River.  Yes, it needs room for it will eventually flatten human attempts to to put flimsy building in its way. My compassion is running out for the relatively wealthy who build and rebuild to enjoy the view of the ocean. 


Richard Harrington said...

Glad you are taking the trouble to help some of us see through the Economic mists. Perfectly right to expect more government planning and less pathos for disasters.
Is spreading the pain the cause of my 150% auto insurance premium increase over 4 years... no change in status?

Richard Wright said...

Great article. This seems to be a ongoing issue. People only want to help with flood damage and other natural disasters when it is the thing to do socially, not because they feel the need. Quite sad actually. Thanks again.